Pushing Down the Cheap Fiancé 1.8

Chapter 8

Holy shit! It felt as if she has been exposed to some terrible information?

Thinking of the consequences of failing the mission caused her to shudder. She couldn’t afford to fail…

Following the path that was previously observed, a silhouette of a person staggering soon came over.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Mengmeng walked in his direction and bumped into him.

“Oh? Brother An? How come you’re here?” Lin Mengmeng helped support the person who stumbled and fell on her due to the collision. “What’s wrong with you? How come your complexion seems a little off? I’ll bring you to the hospital.”

Zhou An breathed a sigh of relief when he heard a familiar voice. He resisted the inexplicable throbbing in his heart and said in a difficult tone, “No need, I just drank too much and got dizzy. You can bring me to the room to rest.” After that, he couldn’t help pulling on his tie, only feeling that he was somewhat abnormal at this time. He was feeling hot all over.

Compared to the fiery heat on his body, the girl next to him emitted a very comfortable coolness, making him want to get closer.

With the help of Lin Mengmeng, he returned to the room at a faster pace, but it also caused him more torture.

The soft and petite body supported him very hard as he struggles to walk properly. The tied-up hair revealed a fair and beautiful neck, and the small, round ears were very alluring. God knows how much perseverance it took him to hold back from taking a bite.

After entering the room, Lin Mengmeng breathed a sigh of relief. She was so exhausted that she almost couldn’t hold on.

She slowly moved to the side of the bed while supporting the man, preparing to put him down, but because of the inertia, she fell on the bed herself.

With the man’s weight pressing down heavily onto her body and both of them being so close to one another, she was completely filled with an unfamiliar and masculine scent in between every breath she took. Her mind instantly crashed.

Soon after the two entered the room, Gu Shanshan’s figure also appeared at the place where they had just passed by, and then left again.

There was an ambiguous scent that pervaded the room. Zhou An, who was lying on the bed, with his eyes tightly closed at this time, felt parched all over from the heat. Unable to bear the burning heat, he pulled off his shirt and tie. Feeling the softness and enticing coolness of the body under him, he couldn’t help but hug it.

Lin Mengmeng looked at the furry head on her chest and went stiff all over, “Hey, you get up quickly.” Reaching out and pushing Zhou An’s head away, his body stirred a bit, but there was no sign of any actual movement at all.

“Mm…” So comfortable. Due to Lin Mengmeng’s pushing and turning, the two lumps on her chest rubbed against Zhou An’s face, making him sigh.

Gradually losing his reason as the evil fire in his lower abdomen rose. Zhou An was not in peace and not knowing his place, he proceeds to move his body out of instinct.

His hands were on Lin Mengmeng’s fair and tender legs, stroking back and forth, and his lips began to look for his prey.

“Don’t, don’t be like this.” Lin Mengmeng was soft and weak all over, wanting to push the man’s body away, but not even a little bit of strength came out. She was trying to resist with both of her hands on the man’s shoulders.

Zhou An suddenly opened his eyes, due to his burning lust, his eyes were red as if they were set ablaze. His lower abdomen stiffened at the sight of the shy, little woman under him.

He couldn’t hold back anymore and kissed the woman’s tender red lips.

The moment their lips touched, both of them trembled.

Not waiting for Lin Mengmeng to return to her senses, Zhou An already took the opportunity to kiss her fiercely.

Gradually, Zhou An was no longer satisfied with only their lips touching. He stretched out his flexible tongue to pry open the beautiful woman’s pearly white teeth, intruding into the other’s territory, and grabbed the other’s soft, little tongue and played together.

The NSFW scenes will officially start next chapter. Thanks for reading!

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